Why Mobil Apps
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Why Mobil Apps

Why a Mobile website?

Increase Your Customer Base

Your customers are using mobile application, Why not your business? Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to look up business information. Xappso can designing a mobile-friendly website is simple and fast, and enables you to proactively reach out to new customers and expand your reach.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Most websites are not designed to be viewed on the small screens of mobile phones. Xappso can design your site for Mobil version , We can easily optimize your site compatable for smartphones, creating a better experience for your mobile website visitors.

Ahead of Your Competition

Studies show that less than 2% of businesses have designed a mobile-friendly website, an amazing figure given that more that 20% of Google searches are now done on mobile. Instantly set yourself apart from your competition by designing a great looking mobile website with our mobile design to tap into the growing mobile market.
Optimized for smartphones

Xappso can converts your existing website into a mobile friendly site.

Customize your mobile site with our advanced design studio, including access to CSS and HTML

Add a click-to-call button to make it easy for your customers to contact you

Business SMS info
Make it simple for mobile site visitors to text your business info

Maps & directions
Add a mobile map to your site with step-by-step directions to your business

WordPress friendly
Have a site built in WordPress? Xappso is built to handle WordPress sites seamlessly